10 ways for seniors in Orange County to stay cool

10 ways for seniors in Orange County to stay cool

I honestly think that all seniors are already classy and cool! But I don’t mean like hip and suave like Fonzie from “Happy Days” cool 😎, I’m talking about staying really physically cool. To keep seniors in Orange County safe and comfortable, we’ve rounded up 10 practical, and simple ways to help seniors stay cool indoors.

If you are a senior in Orange County, you are at risk of a stroke during this hot weather season. Older bodies have more difficulty adjusting to hot temperatures than younger bodies, so try to stay cool! And older adults become dehydrated easily, which increases their risk.

Around 40% of heat related deaths in the U.S. were among people over age 65, according to a CDC report.


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10 ways for seniors in Orange County to stay cool

  1. Drink plenty of cold water. Drink water throughout the day and always avoid alcohol and caffeine
  2. Eat cooling snacks like homemade popsicles, frozen bananas, or slightly frozen grapes
  3. Eat light, cold meals like seafood, or salads instead of heavy, hot dishes like pasta.
  4. Place a cool towel on the back of the neck and a bowl of ice water close by to periodically re-cool the towel
  5. Sit with feet in a bowl of cold water
  6. Keep the house as cool as possible by keeping shades closed during the hottest part of the day and run a fan. Don’t cheap out, your life depends upon you staying cool!
  7. Wear layers of lightweight clothing.
  8. Visit a public cooling center like a recreation center, senior living center, library, coffee shop, or shopping mall
  9. Take a cool shower, bath, or washcloth wipe-down.
  10. Cover up with a flexible ice blanket. Put a towel in between your skin and the blanket to protect your delicate skin from the cold ice.

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In Orange County, it helps to have an air conditioning unit, especially for those ultra-hot days.

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